Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanksging in SoCal

Although it is only my second Thanksgiving, I have to say that there is nothing better than Thanksgiving SoCal style (no offense to my NoCal, Central Coast, and Central Valley peeps, but it's just the best.) It was 75 degrees and sunny. If that's from Global Warming,...then I'm down. I got to hang at the beach near grandpop's, had picture in picture going with Elmo in one box and the Cowboys game going in the other box. I pounded some turkey and other grub. It sure beats baby food. Mom and Dad had to sit at the kid's table with me because there was no room at the other table. I think they were so stoked about that. We just had a blast. I cannot wait for Christmas. Daddy says, "Santa stole Christmas and we are stealin' it back!". Not sure what that means, but I am gonna be bummed if Santa doesn't hook me up. I've been reading in my little picture Bible and am learning that Christmas is really about Jesus. That's super cool, but I am still gonna be bummed if Santa doesn't show up.