Sunday, February 10, 2008

All girl

We had an Intern/Stint recruitment dinner last week and Mikela came along. She wasn't so into the meeting so one of our interns, let her play dress up with her jewelry. Mikela was so stoked and loved putting on every single piece of jewelry that Caellin had. Too fun!!! I can't wait till Mikela playes dress up with her baby brother!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Christmas a bit late

Sorry this is so late. We just put our pictures on our computer from Christmas. Life in the Priola household has been nuts the last two months. We were gone for Christmas for four weeks then came home for one week then headed back South so that Mikela could stay with Grandma and Papa and Mom and Dad could go to Thailand. We got home a week ago and are trying to get our bearings. Grandma potty trained Mikela while Mom and Dad were in Thailand, which was incredible. So Mikela is now a big girl with big girl undies. Mommy is now 31 weeks pregnant and we are realizing that Kai will quickly be joining our little family. We promise more pictures to come, but for now here are some from Christmas!!